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My almost 5 year old has 9 cavities...

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I feel like the worst mom in the world. I knew she had 2 cavities, I could see one of them, but didn't think that all 8 of her back teeth would have cavities. Many are very small he says and he said it is because I didn't floss her teeth. I tried, but her teeth are very close together and it is almost impossible. The floss gets stuck she cries. We brush and she does eat lots of sweets or drink lots of juice/sugary drinks. We recently started rinsing with ACT Kids until we could see the pediatric dentist.

They were very nice and she enjoyed the visit but she needs all those filled, 1 crown/baby root canal and possibly another, he said he won't know until he is in there. She will have oral sedation and the laughing gas. They are doing half her mouth one day and then the other side another day.

She even has one in her front teeth, on the edge which I knew about, but he said that they won't do anything to that because it will be falling out soon. (DD is almost 5).

Anyone else had this happen. I know I am not the best tooth brusher and she did take over her toothbrushing quite a bit when the baby was born, but I can't believe she has soo many. I feel like I have failed her as a mother. DH doesn't get that. He says it isn't like we aren't going to fix them, etc.

He also said that her teeth are very close together and her permanent teeth are pretty big, so she will probably have crowding. Not a surprise since I had horrible crowding and we have weird teeth stuff in our family. I had 7 wisdom teeth, which were all removed at age 21 and then 4 teeth removed for the braces.

Anyway, just wanted to vent and needed some reassurance that she will be okay. They are very kid friendly, as it is a pediatric dentist and she isn't nervous. I am.

Thanks for listening.

And any suggestions for xylitol use? preventing more? we tried flossing again, since dentist said it was because i didn't floss her teeth and it doesn't work. the floss gets stuck in between and then i have to yank it out. (we use those little flossers).
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For the flossing, I would suggest trying the Glide floss, the extra gentle kind, it slides much, much easier, those little flossers on the sticks to get stuck easily!

We give my 7 y.o. ds the Spry gum every day, and carry it when we're out if he can't brush after he eats. That's the biggest thing, flossing and brushing after every meal, Spry after snacks. Good luck, I hope the appts. go okay!
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