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playing by herself...she can occupy herself for a long time...I sit down at 3pm everyday and watch Coronation St. She will play for the entire half hour..then I usually play with her after(it's right after her nap so she is in a good mood) so one day out of curiosity I left her alone to see how long she would play independently...she played for a hour and a was so fun to watch too...she went all around the entire area...we have a large living area with french doors, lots of stuff, desk, toys, books, videos, exercise stuff etc...she chatted, did puzzles, "read" her books and on and on for all that time alone...

My older daughters could never go that long at that age without me playing with them or coming to check on me...she finally came over to me and signed milk and had a good nurse...guess she was hungry after all that play...

Some say I should leave her alone and let her play if she is happy for as long as she wants...but I enjoy playing with her but maybe I should just "be" there unless she actively invites me into her play...I don't want to mess with natural learning.

Or should I continue with the half hour and then play the more structured games I play with her so she gets a balance...I also play with her in the morning...she wants me too then, doesn't want me to leave her...I think she needs to reconnect at that point.

What should I do?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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