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My ankles are swollen :(

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It all started on Saturday when I was on my feet cleaning like I was nesting
I started around 10am and didn't sit down to relax until' 8pm when Big Brother came on.

DH and I have been trying to get the house presentable for strangers, it's not Tuesday and the house looks like crap again, but not 1/2 as bad as it did.

So, my ankles are pitting when I put pressure on them. If I put a lot of pressure, the indentation is huge and stays for a good minute.

The ankles are the only areas where I see swelling, I don't remember getting swollen this early the last two times. I had two nurses look at my ankles today and they said not to worry I'm pregnant. The both told me to drink more and eat less salt.

I know how minimize it, but I want to know why so early!!
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Has it been hot in your area? (I'm sure it does occasionally get hot in Maine!) The heat can really do it too... and you do need some salt while pregnant but sometimes if you eat Asian food or pizza or something that's got a lot in it, that will happen too.

Remember your blood volume is really increasing now, and will for the next few weeks at least... and like you said you were on your feet a lot. I'm guessing it was a combination of too much standing (OMG that was 10 hours!!!) and possibly not enough water? I tend not to drink much when I'm more busy.
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