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My Avent sippies are leaking!!! Help!!!

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Does anybody use these?

They're leaking horribly
: around the rim of where the spout fits into the ring, and also where the ring screws onto the cup. This never happened until recently; I've been using these, and the Avent bottles and pump, since DD was born.

I really don't want to throw these away, but I can't take the leaking. DD leaked orange juice all over my futon today, and I had the hardest time getting the stickiness cleaned up.

I would be really grateful for any insight you might have, if you've used these.
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Mine are just beginning to leak as well. I only use them for water-and I mostly hand wash them. DD has been using them for about 8 months or so. I think I am going to have to get new ones. A friend of mine said they usually start to leak after a while if you wash them in the dishwasher-but I almost never do, and mine are still leaking? Just normal wear and tear I guess?
I don't use the dishwasher, and mine leak. But my dd likes th throw them on the floor when she is done drinking so I figured that is why they are leaking
Mine always leaked too, never could figure out what the problem was.
ours were doing that, but turned out I wasn't snapping the "sippy" part really hard into the ring, so it not only leaked at the edge of the sippy, but also on the ring because you can't screw it all the way shut with the sippy partly up- did that make ANY sense?
anyhoo-if they are the yellow or green "harder" kind, try snapping harder...if they are the white "softer" kind, i think they wear out more and might just need replacing
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We gave up on the Avent sippies, and switched to the Playtex ones. No more leaks! And DD likes them because they are easier for her to hold with one hand.
We have thrown out our Avent sippies for the most part. They didn't leak around the ring that much but DS quickly learned that banging the spout on *anything* produces delightfully big puddles.
Then he poked a fork through the top where the slits are. They leaked worse.
Then he swiped my sewing scissors off my sewing table (that was the day he learned to cart a cardboard box around, to put next to things he wanted to climb on) and cut the nipple off the sippy.
Mine leaked from day one. I finally got so fed up with it I got rid of them and switched to the playtex ones.
Yeah, you really have to make sure those sippy parts are snapped together really tight and it is screwed on really tight too...
Mine have always leaked too. DD actually waters the carpet with them--uses them like they're little watering cans.
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Yes, my experience too, after trying every sippy cup/straw cup out there, the Playtex with the valve are the only ones that don't leak.

Strange about the Avents because they seem like a good company. How could you make a cup that doesn't do the *one thing* that is the whole purpose of its existence (i.e., not leak!)
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