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My Baby Girl

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Here are some pictures of my little girl. I will post my birth story later when I have more time.

I hope they work.
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She's gorgeous!
She looks so soft and peaceful, congratulations!
She's beautiful! Congratulations!
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That looks like a lot of hair! What a sweetie! Can't wait to hear the whole story!
She is precious and I love the name!
how beautiful and composed she looks!

Congratulations Mama!!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (I am so jealous!) She's adorable!!!
Oh, she is just lovely!
She is beautiful!
Where'd you get those cute blankets?

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She is beautiful!
Where'd you get those cute blankets?
My mom made them. She has been making receiving blankets through my SIL's three pregnancy and my first just waiting for her girl to be born. She was so excited to use them.
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