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i think i spelled that right<br>
i just wanted to give everyone a heads up about this it seems to be going around, is hard to diagnose, and is kind of unheard of!<br>
although it is common (only children mostly the ages of 9 months to a year)<br>
a lot of people have never heard of it...<br>
it is hard to diagnose becuase for the first 3-4 days it is only a high fever...somethimes as high as 105!!!! so a lot of moms and docs freak out and call for a spinal tap...which is a dangerous procedure......esp. if is unnecessary...becuase they think it is spinal meningitis.<br>
but anyway after the fever goes away (usually in 3 days) the rash is a red "lacy" rash...kind of splotchy and can fade and get darker off and on during the duration of the virus....the rash usually lasts 3 days and the only other symptoms are slight cold like symptoms...runny nose, sore throat, mild coughing, etc.<br>
you only get it once<br>
the reason why i am telling you all this is becuase i had no idea about this common virus (it is in the same family as the chicken pox, fifth disease, measles, etc)<br>
and i was freaking out about what it could be, and had do a lot of research to figure it out<br>
there is no drug that can help your child,,, just treating the symptoms<br>
we used homeopathics to keep the fever down, and then oatmeal baths for the itchy rash, and homeopathics for the coughing.<br>
she slept a lot and was pretty good about it all<br>
now you know and you can avoid my freak out and my friend's truamatic hosptial exp with a spinal tap on her baby dd! yikes!<br>
take care,<br>
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