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my baby hates our bedroom! What do I do?

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This is an interesting baby will NOT sleep in our bedroom! I don't know if there is some bad energy, but as soon as I bring him into our bed (sleeping) he wakes up and will NOT sleep. I have great pram my mom brought me from Europe and he LOVES to sleep in it, but even when he sleeps in it and I bring the pram into our bedroom - he is up! Or if he does not wake up he is very restless and wakes up eventually. When he by some miracle sleeps there for a while he is VERY loud while sleeping - moving around and makeing all kinds of noises. He will sleep anywhere in the house but in our bedroom! He loves his bedroom (he was born there), but there is only single bed so I sleep there and he sleeps in the pram and my DH in our bedroom - this is NOT my idea of family bed!!! What should I do? I amhoping things will change when he is a little older - let's say 3 months or so. I miss him and I love being next to him, but he won't sleep
He is so cute and I do wanna wake up next to him.......
We were thinking about moving our bed into his bedroom but his bedroom is too small.
Really don't know what to do.......
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Are there any major differences between the rooms? Perhaps your room is hotter/colder/draftier/noisier/quieter/etc. than his. Maybe you could try some kind of white noise (bathroom fan, humidifier) and see if that's helpful? Good luck!
Perhaps it's a smell thing? Not meaning to be personal, but I know my dh makes our room a bit phew wiffy sometimes (not me of course!). I read somewhere that the different smells dad brings from work often upset sensitive baby noses.
What does your husband want and need? What does your marriage need?

My husband works night shift, so I sleeping together is a rarity. We make special effort for us. If we do not maintain our marriage and intimacy it is no good for our children.

I like what the other said about checking the rooms' environments.

Also can you move the big bed into that room? You can leave the dressers and stuff in the other room.

If this consoles you any I have an acquaintance that has now six children. She ended up buying a crib for her fifth so everyone could sleep. He is the only child to use the crib.

Yes, your son needs you but don't forget about your husband's and your needs. Find the compromises. Realize that sometimes our children's personality does not always match what we want.
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