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My Baby Hyena

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I just thought i would tell you all about how much my ds LOVES his diapers cause it is too cute and you are the only ones likely to understand :LOL

now for quite a while ds has loved getting fluffy mail. he runs in circles yelling "diapers diapers yeah yeah!" and then when i open the package he has to pet and play with each individual diaper.

but he just graduated to true hyenadom.

I was looking at diapers today on the internet and everytime i opened a picture of a diaper he liked he would squeel in delight "oooh wow! eeeeeeee diapers!" and start giggling in manic joy. if it was a soaker i was looking at it was the same reaction only he says "yarn diaper"

we saw some diapers with fish on them and he about went insane with joy. he is just sooo cute
i guess one of these days i will have to get him a fishy diaper huh? :LOL

i do love my baby hyena
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Oh! Tha'ts sooo sweet!

Jude was similar back in the day he was in dipes. I got him a Thomas the Tank Engine cover from Granny's Ark. I thought he was going to faint when it arrived!!!

Here was a shot of our covers for both Jude & Cicely, but I couldn't get the Thomas off Jude! :LOL
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