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My baby is weaning :(

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I have to deal with it. She is doing it on her own. I guess I should not be upset as this is my almost 4 year old I am talking about.
: I did not have any sad feeling when Nick weaned at 3 but for some reason, it is harder for me this time. Both Sarah and becca are obviously still nursing but Rach is down to every couple of days. Someone please tell me that she will continue this for a while. It has been happening ever since I was in my second trimester. When she asked to nurse the other day, I lifted my shirt and she asked if that was the one becca had. I said that Becca nurses from both and she said, "Oh" and walked away.

I really believe that she has some sensory issues. She ALWAYS has to be in physical contact with someone. It ranges from laying on me or dh or grandma (whoever is around) to always touching Sarah. She tends to get very rough with her siblings and drives Sarah crazy. She also does not sit still. I hate to mention ADD but I think there is definately something going on with her.

Anyway, I feel that is the reason she has nursed this long. It gives her the physical contact she needs. I fear that it may be harder for her to control herself without that outlet.

Thanks for listening to me whine.
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So you're saying she is spirited? I guess you've read Raising Your Spirited Child?

I have 2 spirited kids. One dd, is emotionally spirited, everything is extreme for her. Shy and sensitive and loud. Goes from laughing to crying in a split second.

Ds was/is physically spirited. He, like your Sarah, always had to be touching someone or jumping all over someone. I just thought of him as very extroverted, just had to be with people. He also weaned at abt 4 1/2. He still needed to touch me, and others after weaning, and found ways to do it. Weaning did not traumatize him in the least. JME.

Blessings on the weaning transition...
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