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my baby likes to be hit on the head

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Anyone else? Maybe this is info I shouldn't share publicly, but I was just wondering ... It's true, I swear... He LOVES it when I drum on his head with both my hands. Pretty hard too! You might ask, how did I discover this? I used to have a Doberman who loved it. I could POUND on that dog's head and he would just go into bliss mode, it was the wierdest thing. So I tried it on my child.

Um... Serioiusly, anybody else have a wierd kid like this?
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hahaha.. my dd likes being hung upside down. She will scream at you if you pick her up. Her little face gets all purpley-red. She loves being tossed up in the air and swung around as fast as possible. She also likes being kissed really hard on her head. She zones out and closes her eyes.
Weird little kiddos.
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Ours also likes being hit esp on the head. Dh bopped him 50 or 60 times with an empty pizza box and all he did was shriek with delighted laughter. He likes soft toys banged on his head, too, and likes flopping to a sudden stop on the bed or lap.

haha! these are funny!
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My child LOVES to be startled! DS's favorite game is when I'll stand just out of site and say "Where's Mommy?" then jump into the room and yell "Boo!" He just giggles and shrieks. On the downside, DH is now constantly bursting into the room yelling "Dum, Dum, Dah!!!" at the top of his lungs and while I jump out of skin and am brought to tears, my son laughs and laughs and laughs...
My ds loves to play rough already too. He loves to be tossed in the air or to hang upside down. He giggles and giggles.
Oh, yeah. And "spankings" too - Talia still giggles like mad when I paddle on her bottom lightly. Or chew on her arm while growling like a dog. Funny, isn't it, I just came from the Gentle Discipline forum
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Originally Posted by Queen of Cups
My child LOVES to be startled! DS's favorite game is when I'll stand just out of site and say "Where's Mommy?" then jump into the room and yell "Boo!"
Mine too!! I haven't tried the head bopping, but I can tell already this kid is going to love roller coasters and scary movies. He likes the "baby free fall" game I play with him. Where I stand holding him and *drop* him by leaning forward really fast and letting my arms move below him a little faster than he falls, so gravity is pulling him downward and I *catch* him a foot from the ground. Yikes! Am I explaining that well? it sound dangerous when I read it, but really it's not. He braces himself and holds his breath and then squeals and laughs when I catch him, and gives me the "do it again mom" look.
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oh yes, he loves all these things... being scared, being bit, spanked, thrown in the air, free-fall... Swinging him upside down is an almost sure-fire way to chill him out when he's fussy. He also likes to be shaken
: That sounds awful. But as long as he's giggling I figure it must not be hurting him, and he loves it when I grab him by the shoulders and shake him a little bit...
: Is it a developmental stage or just a personality thing?
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