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That is SO GREAT!
My mom would be so happy too, she's a national trainer for MotheRead/FatheRead, which is an org. that teaches parents how to read to their children and bring in learning and interests for the whole family.

My dd loved to read like that as a baby. She's almost 11 now, and STILL loves it - both being read to, and reading on her own.

here's a tip for the longevity of reading: KEEP READING TO THEM EVEN AFTER THEY LEARN TO READ ON THEIR OWN!!!
The reading level can get high, but the comprehention may not match the reading level. for a while books are either too simple in content, but at the right reading level, or they're too complex reading level but the right content. Studies show that the comprehension level and reading level matches up around 13 or 14 yrs old. So reading aloud is a big deal till AT LEAST then.

It's a special thing for dd and I still read to her every night - and during the day too if I can - and have since she was a has definatly paid off. She leads the class in language, comprehension, grammar, writing and social skills. Not to mention it keeps us close and invites lots of discussion.

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