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My baby, the hiccup monster!

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My bebe has learned a new trick in the last 3 or so days: hiccups!
It is so cute. I kind of wondered if he would ever do it, I know other moms have been feeling it for weeks if not months. But it's funny, it's like he went from no hiccups to tons of hiccups, it seems like he's hiccuping all the time! It's like a new skill he wants to practice a lot.
Is this weird? Why do babies hiccup anyway? I think I read once that it helped develop their breathing, but I maybe confusing that with something else.

Anyone else noticing a lot of repetitive movement lately?
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These past couple of weeks I have also noticed hiccups for the first time. This baby has only done them a few times (usually in the morning for some reason), but they are pretty cool to feel. I read that babies hiccup while in the womb to help develop their breathing reflexes, but I think that's still just an educated guess...makes sense though!
My first baby hiccuped a lot, even after she was born. My mw said that they wouldn't bother her and that they would go away within 6 months... not so! They didn't ease up for 2 years or so, and she would get really upset at them when she was a baby. This baby has been hiccuping for a while now too, and definately more often recently, several times a day. For the longest time I thought he was just a pattern puncher or something, then I was like DUH! I remember this!
I remember both my girls hiccuping all the time and this little boy is no different!! He hiccups atleast once a day! I feel them really low like right above my pubic bone, so they think he's head down already. Plus the big butt protruding on my right side under my ribs is a good indicator also!
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