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My baby's eczema is scaly...

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My five month old son approximately two months ago started having dry patches on his shoulders that would mature over a few days and strip away. His skin would remain normal for a few days and then the dry patches would come right back. It has spread to the sides of his head on occassion and a mild version on the side of his forehead. I was told that it was a form of eczema. I have started taking certain pecautioms but i am seeking help from other Mothers out there. I have just been using an unscented soap (Kiss My Face's pure olive oil soap) and moisturizing with pure shea butter. It isn't itchy at least not yet.

My partner had really bad asthma as a child. I have read that there is a connection.

I have done the reading on but most of the eczema I have seen people talk about is the rash. Is there anyone who has experienced the dry patches that could advise me on treatment and if this is connected to food allergies. He is still exclusively breastfeed.
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Yes it is connected to food allergies/intolerances.

You should read the healing the gut tribe. So many of the mamas have overcome the battle with eczema there.

If he is exclusively breastfed, then it is imperative that you stop consuming the foods which are triggering this reaction. The longer he reacts, the longer the list of foods he will react to gets. The earlier the better. I just wish we had known this when my daughter was little. it has been a LONG hard journey.

you might want to look into an elimination diet. If you need help, we are all here to help you. Most of us have been there, done that.
Thank you for the information Chanley. I will take all the assistance available. I begin today with the elimination of wheat, diary, fish, peanuts, eggs and soy. I will let you know what happens. Let me know if you have any other suggestions.

I will check the threads you mentioned.

Thank again.
My son had a similar problem with the scaly patches, though his didn't peel away. His doctor advised me to bath him as often as possible and before drying him rub him with a thick layer of Aquaphor. It's worked WONDERS. She said that doing that locks in the moisture.

Hope that helps
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It's my understanding that ppl with really bad eczema should *not* take lots of baths. Esp. not with the water supply most Americans have (all the chlorine, etc. in the water. ew!).

It's best to treat the cause(s), not just the symptom(s).
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