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my babyshower is in an hour

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i am actually kind of excited. I will get to see so many of my friends and with a toddler i don't really get out to much. plus ok this is going to sound kind of cheesy, but it's a luncheon at my friends house. i have never had a luncheon before and it sounds so so elite or something it's like having a tea party.

i feel like i should put on a fancy hat and keep my pinkie up.
ohh i wish it was a dress up affair that would be so much fun. (yes i am **** a kid at heart) so when i get back i will tell you how it went. I should really get ready now though because i am still wearing my pajama shirt as Dh took Jewely to a yellow submarine museum kids exhibit this morning and i have the house to myself. talk about a relaxing day. it's all about me and i really like the special treat. I feel like a queen or something.

ok now that i have truely showed my dirk colors let me go put on a pretty dress and pretend i'm a little kid at my luncheon.

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Wow! I'm happy you're excited. Have fun!
BTW- did you get the mom's group link I sent you? You and your two would make a great addition. I had a playdate here for the first time since joining and it was so comfortable.

Ooo- my baby calls-

Anyway- if you need any help or support here at the end of your pregnancy or in the early weeks of your baby contact me and I will help in anyway you want.
Have a great time mama! Im jealous, I wish I was going somewhere today lol.
Let us know all the fun details ok
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Enjoy your day momma. I hope it is beautiful and perfect for you!!
Hope you have a great time! Wish somebody would throw me a shower - guess that's what happens when all your friends are guys
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Have a great time!! Let us know how it was when you get home!!
well it was fun. it was more like a get together with the food laid out on the table. it started at 11:30 and my sisters (who were thorwing it) and I were late. luckily only one person was there. (my firends are notoriasly late as well)

we just hung out and snacked and talked, no stupid baby shower games. when peolpe started leaving my mom was like, you should open your presents now and i did and then after that ebveryone left. but we had a few laughs during present time with some off colored jokes.

I got to see some friends whom i haven't seen in years. my dh and dd got there early on. one of my sisters didn't actually show up. she's depressed and mad at one of my other istsers. plus she was upset b/c the diapers she ordered didn't come in in time for her to make her thing. she makes the most amazing presents... the presentation always blows everyone away. she was going to fashion something out of chinease prefolds. i hope she still does even if dh and I are the only ones who see it. it's just impressive. in fact my mom had her put arrange her present for her.

and I got one pocket diaper, the CPF my sister ordered but didn't get yet, plus one of my friends got me a GC to cottontailbaby and another friend said she oredered stuff from cottontail to be delivered to me. which is impressive b/c i didn't think anyone was going to get me cloth diapers. they think i am insane
and when they talked to me before the invites went out they practiclly begged me to make a registry somewhere besides an online diaper place.

but it was fun and one of my MDC mama friends who is due this month came to and dh said it was funny the two of us standing there talking with our giant bellies. i personally think more preggos should get together with their giant bellies.


ps synchro i got the link and i tried to get in but htey denied my application
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Originally Posted by darkpear
Hope you have a great time! Wish somebody would throw me a shower - guess that's what happens when all your friends are guys

Mine too and I didn't think I was going to get a shower. But, believe it or not, my boyfriend threw me a surprise shower! Totally caught me off gaurd because it was completely not like him!
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Yay! Glad you had fun! That sounds great!
oh nicole how cool he threw you a shower. my dh would never do something lie that. i have actually hinted blatantly that i want a surprise birthday party ( "all girls want a surprise birthday party" blatant). hope yours was fun too. how neat to have a surprise.
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