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My back and forth about school/homeschool

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ETA: Thanks for the replies-I think I'll think this through more.
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I may have missed how old your son is, but I'd imagine early elementary age since you mentioned coloring?

I am basically in the same boat as you are. With summer coming up, is it possible to try a homeschool routine with him for maybe a couple of weeks during the summer? To see if he, and you, like it? He may have no idea what homeschooling is like and maybe he'll be surprised.

I hope you find something that works for your family!
Moderately gifted and one year skip not being enough don't compute for me

I used to be a die-hard wouldn't do anything to further accelerate my kids kinda gal, but I finally woke up and gave my head a shake.

DS and I are homeschooling because he's very asynchronous (academically ahead, socially behind, very senstive/emotional, SPD and gross/fine motor issues). DD is still in public school, but I've started doing all kinds of stuff with her as she's just not learning what she needs to, or hungers for, in school. I guess we're after-schooling.

I focus on doing cool, project based stuff that doesn't further accelerate her, per se, but provides challenge and interest. Have you heard of lapbooking? We're doing some coooool stuff; same basic topic for both kids, but different emphasis/level of detail.
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