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Product name: My Bei Bei

Brief description of product: Reversible hemp/cotton mei tai in more traditional style.

Store/Site of purchase: eBay (new from the maker)


How long have you used this product? One month

Fit/Sizing: The mei tai fits me (5'8" tall and 125 lbs) marvelously and the pocket is a great size for my 6 month old son, too, who is 17 pounds. I imagine it would fit my 6'2" 200 lb husband as well as women smaller than me. Very versatile.

Performance: It's up to task with my rough and tumble lifestyle and appears capable of holding up to all that I throw at it. Because it is reversible and decorated, it is a fairly thick mei tai. It is fine in 80something degree weather, but it has been 90+F lately and it's a little too warm. That is not a problem with the carrier, though...even a normal sling is too warm in this heat wave. It can be folded shorter in the body for the babe to have more visibility, or they can sit deeply into it and have head support to sleep.

Workmomship: Excellent. The basic construction is neat, strong and attractive. The decorative embroidery is downright gorgeous.

Customer Service/Communication: I've only had basic eBay communication with the

Would you purchase this product again? Absolutely, I would!

Have you made a complaint to the WAHM about the product? No complaints.

Additional Comments: Tanya is an American in China. She employs local women to create these beautiful carriers and I enjoy supporting her and her employees. Her website is though as of this posting, her standard mei tai is not listed. I gave this mei tai quite a workout yesterday, wearing it for about 8 hours outside in Philadelphia. It was comfortable the whole time and received frequent compliments.

I give it (How many thumbs up out of five?):
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