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My Best Birthday Present

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I love DH!!! He's hooked me up for my birthday! My birthday was April 5th. Awhile back, we were talking about nursing, domperidone, and weaning. Despite being on 100 mg./day of Dom, I still have to supplement with the SNS. I had mentioned that I've read on line you can safely go up to 120 or 150 mg./day. A few days later we were talking about things again and DH asked me when I thought I'd wean. I had taken stock of my dom and I mentioned that as of April 9th, I'd have 20 more days of dom. left (2 boxes) and that I'd probably wean after that sometime.

Well, for my birthday he gave me 1 box of dom so that for the next 20 days I could take 150 mg., plus he gave me 20 days worth of More Milk Plus capsules and 20 days worth of Goat's Rue capsules. I was so happy.

I got to thinking though - just 1 box of dom? Hmmm? So on Sunday (april 9) I sorted all my pills in my pill box(es) and I had sorted enough for 20 days - 150 of dom, 6 MMP, and 6 GR. Then he totally surprised me! He said, after that 150/day for 20 days are you just going to go cold turkey? I guess I'm gonna have to, kwim? He asked if I could taper off, or back to 100, then 80, etc.? I don't know...I guess I could...then he said, we'll I have an idea, I asked, "what?" And he said try this...and he gave me a package with 8 boxes of dom. What a guy!!!!
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Yay! What a good man you have!
What an awesome story and wonderfully thoughtful present (since it seems super important to you!). Happy Birthday.
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What a guy! How fantastic!

Happy birthday!!
That's a good man and daddy you have there!
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