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My Best Friend is Moving to Ethiopia

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My best friend is moving to the capital city with her 3.5 year old child. She is a single parent who has been offered a teaching position. She is only allowed to ship a very limited amount of goods. So, I am trying to help her.
How easy and available are the following:

1) Crib.

2) transformers for converting electricity.

3) how are the small appliances?

4) what about curtains for the windows...someone told her they can not be found and to ship hers.

5) clothes for and the little boy.

6) toys.

7) household linens - towels, sheets, tablecloths, etc.

Anything she should absolutely make sure she brings with her??

Thank you all.
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I have no advice (sorry
) but I am so jealous! Ethiopia is high on my list of places to visit. It looks so beautiful.

Tell her good luck and have fun!!
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When I went, I was told to bring a small transformer. Small appliances I'm not sure about. I don't know if the people I stayed with had brought theirs, or bought there.

About the other things--I think it depends on what she wants and what quality.

American style window-dressings probably aren't available, but simple curtains should be easy to make or have made. Personally, I'd love to get my hands on some Ethiopian woven textiles and make my curtains here out of that!
The same would go for linens, etc.

My dh was well-clothed when I met him in southern Ethiopia
but again it depends on what she wants. There is a ton of off-brand clothing available in Ethiopia, most of it from China. I did see when we drove through Addis Ababa several children's "outfitters", but never went in one. I also saw quite a few well-dressed women (skirt suits/dresses) but I never got a close look at the clothes to see if they were quality or not. She could probably get everything she needs in the Addis Merkato, but she shouldn't go there without a very trustworthy Ethiopian (preferably a large, muscular male
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