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My bf baby has discoloration on her front teeth

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My almost one year old daughter nurses all through the night. She probably nurses about 3-6 times a night. I noticed today that her teeth are white but then mottled all over it looks almost clear, or a lighter color. Is this anything to be concerned about? I am not willing to night wean and I can't brush her teeth after nursing at night because that's how I get her to sleep.
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2 could be natural, as baby teeth are often streaky white. could also be the beginning of demineralization.
I would think about having a dentist check it out just so that you can be sure. If it is demineralization, then it can be reversed now with tiny bits of flouride. If it is demineralization and you do nothing, it can progress rapidly. If it is natural, then no worries

The advice I have come across (to late for my dd
) is that if something seems abnormal, see a dentist. She is not too young!
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Did you figure out what it was and did it affect permament teeth? Dealing with this with my one year old.
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