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and I WARN YOU........ it is LONG!<br>
It took me a few days to type up so you BETTER read it! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies/duck.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title="Duck">:<br><br>
Of course I'm kidding...<b>but if you make it through the whole thing.. CONGRATULATIONS to YOU</b>!<br><br><b>The Birth Story of Carson WIlliam<br>
Born Friday April 13, 2007 at 12:53 am<br><br>
7lbs 11 ozs 20 inches</b><br>
How it all Started!<br>
and I'm going to leave out the 2 days of contractions (Tuesday and Wednesday) prior to the REAL day which I thought was going to be another fluke.<br>
Thursday 04/12, I woke up at 3 am with contractions. They were a little stronger then the previous days, but still wasn't sure if it was going to be THE day....or how long I would be laboring if it was I sent Jimmy to work.<br>
I called My girlfriend and told her I didn't think it was a good idea for me to drive Christian to daycare and she had her husband come get him AND his overnight bag, not being sure if I was having this baby today. Her husband arrived...I gave Christian a kiss , as I fought back the tears to savor our possibly last moment as "just us" and they left.<br>
I called my other girlfriend who came over to hang out with me "just in case" ......... Once I hit noon and was STILL having contractions consistently ...I realized that it could quit possibly be the day. Carey started timing my contractions which were ranging between 2- 4 minutes apart . She made me call my midwife who had me come in to be checked.<br><br>
We got there about 2ish ( I think) and nothing had changed......... which made me mad because my contractions were definitely stronger then the previous days. *sigh* But she said I could possibly have the baby that night or tomorrow...which gave me hope. So we left ......... and went to a diner so I could get a because it's what I was craving.<br>
Standing in the Diner I had a contraction and was bearing my teeth trying to smile through it. Knowing FULL well that THIS contraction was a heck of a lot stronger then the ones I had been experiencing. The guy at the diner tries to make small talk with my girlfriend and I asking me when I was due.... I just looked at him and replied..... " RIGHT NOW!" ......... and my girlfriend replies..... "She's in labor" and the look on the guys face......... I don't think he could have rang us out faster then that! lol.... He wished us luck...we paid and came back to my house and I enjoyed my gyro and went back downstairs to try to lay down and relax....... ACTUALLY I ended up on my hands and knees doing pelvic tilts to try to relieve the back pain and rolling around on my birthing ball to try to relieve the front pains as I'm watching Dr.Phil (.... for the 2nd time that was the episode on Hyperemesis ) ....... YUP.... they were DEFINITELY getting stronger.<br><br>
About 4:30 pm , I'm thinking to myself....I want my Doula...... I NEED my Doula and the jacuzzi tub. My Doula was being provided by the hospital and the only way I could get access to her (and the tub) was by being admitted to the hospital. So I call my midwife and tell her.... I need to get admitted, I want my Doula.<br>
I call Jimmy...he had already hoped the train home based on our previous conversation that day!<br><br>
As much as I wanted to labor at home as long as I could.. I felt like I was going to cave and beg for meds.... which was a path I did NOT want to take...and was still in a state of mind to realize<br>
So Jimmy finally gets home and at 6:45 we go back to the midwifes office for another check up (which felt like the LONGEST drive on earth) .... since the hospital won't admit you unless you are 4 cm's. My midwife checks me and I'm JUST UNDER 4 ..... so she calls the hospital (which is right across the street) ....And we're heading in.<br><br>
It's a little after 7 pm , active labor has begun. The nurse checks me in and another nurse shows me to my room. I immediately request my Doula and the call is made.<br>
Checking my charts the nurse sees I'm GBS positive and preps the IV for my antibiotics. I tell her I don't want it unless my water breaks. She tells me that it's policy and she has to give it to me at the onset of labor... knowing that , that is a load of crap and still trying to refuse it, another nurse walks in and tells me they have to. I just roll my eyes and tell the nurse " whatever"..... seriously at this point I can feel the contractions progressing and was in no mood to argue without my midwife, who hadn't arrived yet.<br>
The nurse puts the Iv in the side of my wrist, which hurt like an SOB and starts the IV. Then she gets the fetal monitor on me to check the baby, before I'm ok'd to go walking the halls. A couple minutes pass as Jimmy and I are accessing the height of the contractions on the monitor.......... watching how each one is higher and longer then the previous.<br>
All of a sudden I'm grabbing my arm's on FIRE! I was practically screaming AND CRYING that my arm burned..... and the burning sensation shot right up to my shoulder! I was starting to freak out....not only was it burning, but it was feeling numb, limp....I couldn't move it. (not to mention PISSED ME OFF since I didn't want it to begin with). My Doula ran for the nurse, who had walked out of the room..... the nurse came in with an<br>
" Oh....some people have that kind of reaction to the antibiotics, we'll just turn it down to a slow drip."<br><br>
Meanwhile..... "Bitch" is all that kept going through my head! lol If I slug her now I might be able to get away with it.....pleading temporary insanity ......... I'm sure of it!<br>
Once she turned the IV down....the pain went away and I was able to relax and get up and walk around the halls.<br>
I roamed around with Jimmy and my Doula for a little , pausing with each contraction....<br> his state of glory, is on the phone next to me calling family & friends. Some support system I have from my husband. THANKS for helping me through the contractions (note the sarcasm) ...... THANK GOD for my DOULA! In an act of annoyance I finally yell at my husband <b>" Get away from me ! You're annoying me on that damn phone and I don't want to hear your freaking conversations! I'm trying to relax here . Find somewhere else to talk .... somewhere away from ME!"</b> This was the first of many annoying acts he commits while I'm laboring...... lol<br>
After about 45 minutes of walking I went back to my room and put on a gown ( I still don't recall how I got my tank top off since I had the IV in my arm...but oh well ) .. .... I labor next to the bed as a vampire comes in to draw my blood..... I have my head down in a pillow and look up just in time to see the needle that's about to bite into my arm...and I yell...."Wait....Wait....I'm having a contraction".... at that moment it wasn't true..... but one did eventually come right after that. I apologized to the blood sucker and told him " My fear of needles GREATLY outweighs my pain here. " Everyone laughs....... my midwife enjoying the fact that I'm still cracking jokes through all of this. After Dracula finishes, my midwife has me get on the bed so she can check me. AT this point Jimmy and I are arguing over what is going to be on the TV while we're there ....Annoying act #2 . I told him I didn't care but Greys Anatomy was going to be on that tv at 9 and he tried to tell me HE wasn't going to watch that. I told him he could leave because I was the one in labor......... and was going to watch Greys at 9. Meanwhile, my midwife informs me I had progressed to just over 5 cm's and she gives me the ok to get in the jacuzzi tub. So about 8:30 pm ....I'm hopping in that sucker and relaxing through contractions that I'd rate an 8 on a scale of 1-10 .....or so I THOUGHT ...until the HARD contractions started hitting..... clearly THOSE were a 15 if that one was an 8!<br><br>
A few things are oblivious to me while I'm in the tub as I'm trying to get into this euphoric state of mind. My Photographer arrived as I give her a half assed wave from the tub and my Doula and midwife by my side helping me to relax, while my loving husband ..... um........ again.. WHERE THE HELL IS MY HUSBAND? (lol) He sees me looking for him and comes over and kneels and holds my hand until I tell him to get away from me again and turn his damn cell phone off ...... poor guy. Obviously if I keep this up we're heading for divorce. lol<br>
The contractions just keep coming longer and stronger .... and I'm yelling...... "what the hell was I thinking?"..." I need I don't...I'm just kidding...I can do this"<br>
then I think to myself...... ""SERIOUSLY ......How am I going to survive this?" .<br>
A friend of mine once told me..." Just remember there is an end to each contraction..." (Giving props to my girlfriend because she had a lot of great advice to help me through this VBAC sans meds as well........ she had a successful <b>unplanned</b> HBAC )<br>
So I tell myself " If I had done this would have been over by now ...<b>I CAN and WILL get through this</b>"<br><br>
Finally , I've gotten down the rhythm of breathing and moaning and suddenly........... the whirlpool jets turn off........ and I'm snapped back to reality as the Doula asks me if i want them on or off........ My reply " I don't KNOW!" I can make a clear decision right now.......then the next contraction comes and I hear myself moaning and breathing which was embarrassing to I say "Turn them on ...turn them on"<br>
Thinking that If I can't hear myself...neither can anybody else if I have them on. lol<br><br>
A couple hours pass..... I'm pruning up in this tub, refusing to get out and shivering because I'm realizing the water is cold and the doula refills it with hot water again. My midwife checks me..... I'm in the transition period of labor....... 8 cm's almost 9 and progressing fairly quickly. It's 11:00 pm and they have me get out as I'm obviously bearing down at this point ......ready to push....... wanting DESPERATELY to push!<br>
My midwife says..... "keep going at this rate ....... we're going to have a baby soon".. I Cry and in between breaths and contractions , I say "No...not yet..... not until after midnight" I wanted that Extra nights hospital stay and a Friday the 13th<br><br>
So I'm FINALLY out of the tub. It took me a good 5-10 minutes as I was afraid to move during the contractions thinking that this baby was going to come any second now......... CLEARLY I didn't know what I was in for.......<br><br>
I make my way to the bathroom remembering a lot of women saying it felt good to just sit on the toilet and labor........... well, my friends....I'm here to tell you. that's a Crock of shit! (not literally of course) Maybe in early labor....... but not at 8-9 cm's. Once I got the courage to move away from that spot...I made my way to the side of the bed. My midwife by my side. caressing my hair, keeping me calm and my Doula across from me holding my hands....her poor withered broken hands now, and my husband watching on.... (see the pattern ..... all guiding me , as I SCREAM my heart out into a pillow and squat trying to find some kind of relief from this pain that just keeps coming all at once. In my back and around to my front. My pelvis feeling like it's going to shatter...... what a weird sensation yet knowing what is taking place AMAZING at the same time! The back pain...... Feeling like there is no relief. and repeatedly saying... " I feel like I'm going to get sick" which I find out is common during the transition phase....... OH YEAH! So now not only am I embarrassing myself with my bare ass to the world, my screaming and moaning but now I could quit possibly throw up in front of everyone too........ LOVELY!<br><br>
My midwife cracks a joke about my tribal sun tattoo ... though I don't recall it..I just remember laughing, screaming and squatting all at once thinking..... "I HAVE to get through this pain"! I felt like I was in this position forever.<br>
It's about midnight and I climb up into the bed...... once again.... Katie (my midwife) checks me. I'm almost 10 cm's...I feel a surge of excitement...... it's almost time! OH IS time..... !!!!!!! She has me push to try to progress me to the final 10! This is all happening so fast. " Oh my God! I can't believe I made it this far" I kept thinking to myself.... " I'm actually Doing this!" A moment I never thought I'd never get to experience is actually happening!<br><br>
Suddenly a shear of pain rips through me....... I look down and scream at my midwife. She was helping me progress a little faster to the 10 cm mark ... and though it hurt like hell. it worked! Now from here on out....things went soo fast that I vaguely recall ......... but will do my best.<br>
I hear:<br>
"All right contraction.....Grab onto your legs and I need you to take a deep breath, hold for 10 and push." I nod my head.. Speechless and in disbelief still.......... I feel the contraction coming on...... slowly ....slowly and it starts to get stronger.... I yell "I have to push" and my midwife responds "That's you know what to do. " ..... then I state " I need help holding my legs" So there is a nurse, my Doula and my husband all jumping in. I've failed to mention how much I LOVE all of them........... Deep breath in and I'm giving the biggest push I thought I could give......... thinking..." Oh this baby is going to come out after a couple times this is great"<br>
The countdown begins........I hear the nurse............ " 1.....2......3..... 4..... ect,..... and relax...... big deep breath again. Come on Nicole You can do it!...........1....2......3........4. ect..... and relax....One more time Nicole.give me a bigger push this time" I just looked at her out of the corner of my eye thinking<br>
"Bitch. I'm giving you BIG pushes I can't give you any more of something I'm already doing. "<br><br>
The pushing goes on for a good while and I'm thinking "Ok....WHERE IS this kids head?" and suddenly I hear Katie say ... Come on Nicole I can see his head....... again with the crying....... lol........ Katie tells me with the next contraction to not push....... I don't recall why....... but I recall saying<br>
"Let me push...let me push...I have to push... " and then an air mask comes to my face......... talk about ANNOYING! She tells me to breath........... I AM breathing I think to myself..... after a couple minutes I ask for the mask to come off...... It was more hindering then helping since it wasn't even sitting on my face properly. So they took it off.......... I tell Katie.... " I have a contraction coming I need to push again" ....<br>
I'm telling you.the pain of the contractions was alot worse then the pressure of pushing and the baby descending. Pushing gave me relief........ Katie responds " I love this girl...she knows what she's doing........."<br>
Yeah....well I watched enough episodes of " A Baby Story" to have an idea on how it all<br><br>
So I push....and push....and push again..... "Come on Nicole...give me ONE more...the babies head is right there" and so I push again...... suddenly .. my water breaks........... and I push again...... and relax and then a contraction......... push, push, push, and then......... another SHEAR OF PAIN....... I scream "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? STOP KATIE PLEASE STOP... IT HURTS OH MY GOD it HURTS !" (I'll take the contractions over THAT pain any day)<br>
Katie explains..." I'm sorry Nicole....a piece of your cervix is hanging blocking his entrance I need to push it up out of the way!." Thinking to myself..."what can I do to get her to stop?" and then a vision of me kicking her in the head popped into mind....... but luckily I had control over acting out that visionary.<br><br>
She tells me to push........ One of the rare moments that I do as I'm told........and I push...... I feel burning....... thinking to myself" Oh yeah....the "ring of FIRE" that everybody talks about" and then the baby's head comes through and everyone cheers ( not a sports arena cheer or a Tim McGraw concert cheer , but a "WOUNDERFUL Job Nicole....he's right here !" type of cheer) ...... She tells me the head is right here and asks if I'd like to feel it..... I do. ...... and couldn't believe it. I got this surge of energy and said "I need to hold him" and Katie replies..... " You will. I need you to give me some more here. lets get his head all the way through and then it's a breeze from there....... you can do it....You're doing an amazing job "<br><br>
So as the contractions come ....more pushing begins........ on and on.... more burning.... another contraction....more pushing , burning.... pushing and THEN..................<br><br>
..............a feeling of relief.......the head is out....<br>
"Come on Nicole keep doing what you're doing" Give me the BIGGEST push you can work up...lets get his shoulders out...... "<br>
"MORE PUSHING?" I think to myself.... well yeah silly....since there is more to this baby then just his head.<br><br>
So again. we repeat the cycle........ out come the shoulders and his more push........ out come his feet. My baby boy was born at 12:53 am on Friday the 13th of April.<br>
I see Katie pull up this big purplish gray baby and think "Is that what color babies are when they are born? Why does he look so big?! and why isn't he crying?" they play around with him a little bit, I ask again this time out loud........ ..."why isn't he crying? Jimmy why isn't he crying? " and Katie says they just have to clear him out and get him to cry and then I can hold him,..... it seemed like forever and then FINALLY........ a squeak and a cry........ and a sigh of relief from everyone.<br><br>
and I reach out my hands to hold him as they place him on my chest! I'm crying.......... just staring at him........ after the long hard 9 months I FINALLY got to meet and hold my little boy that caused me so much grief during the first 6 months. Not only did we beat Hyperemesis......... we had a successful birth.<br>
I tell him...... the baby yet to be named......... how much I loved him and was so proud that we made it!<br>
" We DID IT! "<br>
Then I gave one look to Jimmy and said " We did it!!! and I didn't even SWEAR the entire time!"<br><br>
I hand our baby boy back to Katie, no longer being able to hold him because now I was shivering uncontrollably. Something I thought that only happened after a c-section because of all the drugs.. but apparently it's due to but happy that the shaking subsided after about 20 minutes (with the c-section it was HOURS) .<br><br>
The nurse asks me how much I think he weighs....... I hadn't a clue..just that he looked a lot bigger then Christian when he was born at a whopping 6lbs 2 the nurse weighed him........ 7lbs 11 ozs...... DAMN! He's a lot bigger I thought. "It must have been all that chocolate I was eating in the end". I said...........<br><br>
Anyway.... I have yet to deliver the placenta..... and really wasn't sure what to expect in regards to that...... but push ( possibly two....I don't recall) and it was delivered. . Katie showed me the sac the baby had been in and the placenta....... all which I had no care to look at since I have a weak stomach.... but was amazed with all the same.<br><br>
and then one more moment of pain....since I tore.... never would have known since i didn't feel it........<br>
it was a small tear I'm assuming. Too afraid to ask..just know I needed 5 stitches..... Katie numbs me ( a couple little ouch ouches from me) and then she starts stitching....... and in reaction on the last stitch I bolt up right and reach my hand down to slap her hand away.... and the nurse grabs my arm. Yeah....for that last stitch she didn't quit numb me enough! lol.......... but we got through that too.<br><br>
They cleaned up the baby...I got one more kiss and hold and then they took him to the nursery.<br>
Which I would have thought Jimmy would have gone with them...but realized he was still with me and the baby was gone! Oh was I mad.......... not just at that....but at the fact that he decided to give me ONE MORE ANNOYING MOMENT......... and that was to argue with me over my pillow that I brought in.<br>
He was going to take it home and I wanted to keep it.<br>
" But you sweated all over it it needs washed" I just looked at him....said his name and told him to stop antagonizing me and let me just keep the damn thing with me"<br>
and that was the last of our annoying<br><br><br><br> we are........ at the end of our first week in our lives with Carson in our family.......... and despite the sleeplessness........ it's actually going ALOT better then I thought it would now having Two boys. We had a check up at the pediatricians yesterday to check his clavical bone (collar bone) which was broken during delivery and it's healing very well.. and Carson is already back up to his birth weight despite our nursing issues (well... MY nursing issues) in the beginning, that we have excelled through . He nurses like a champ........<br><br>
This L&D was the greatest experience. If my pregnancy hadn't gone the way it did this time .... Carson wouldn't be our last child........and I would do it all over again! But that's the way it stands right now ,unless they can come up with some alternative, way of treatment for Hyperemesis that enables me to still function a semi normal life .............. this is the end for us.<br><b><br>
I have been blessed with two BEAUTIFUL little boys !</b>

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Congrats & welcome to the world, Carson! (LOVE his name!) Happy babymooning! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="love">

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<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="throb"> How beautiful! I think my heart skipped a beat reading that. Congratulations!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That chocolate comment had me LOL because that sounds SO like me! hehehe<br><br>

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Congratulations!! What a great story... and YES, I did read the whole thing. LOL<br><br>
You should be so proud of yourself, Mama!

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What a great birth story! CONGRATULATIONS mama!!!! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="orange big grin">

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Lovely! You go girl!
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