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My BW experiment!

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So, it's not a Moby, or whatever you all have...but still. We did about 2 hours in it. Got hot and sweaty and Derek started fussing.
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Cool! Hey, it doesn't have to be fancy... it only has to WORK! Yours obviously works so be proud!
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It doesn't matter how you wear your baby as long as you are weraing your baby! (BTW the moby is too complicated for me, I have several carriers and the fabric I wrapped moby style was eventually turned into another kind of carrier)
cool, what ever works!
Fancy is so not the key! What's important is wearing your baby and you're doing just that.
I might have a baby carrier addiction but, fwiw, with a special needs child (btw SN=expensive;-) I wasn't going out buying expensive carriers. I got a moby style wrap from freecycle and made all of my slings and pouches. I sold one of those slings which paid for all the others I made for myself. The one and only baby carrier splurge was made on an Ergo about two years ago simply because it worked/works best for dd needs.

I just love wearing my babies!
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