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My calves are killing me!!

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Anyone else have this problem? I'm only 4 weeks pregnant and my calves just ache! I've tried bananas and more dairy thinking it's from a calcium or potasium defecncy but they haven't worked. Anyone have any words of wisdom???
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I would recommend stinging nettle as a capsule or a tea to help with circulation. Also, make sure whatever calcium you are taking has magnesium - that helps relax the muscles.

I'm at 35 weeks and have had this problem since the beginning. I take a calcium supp. with magnesium (Posture-D it's called) and I eat bananas alot! It helps a little. I was having horrible cramps in my calves but they have lessened since I started taking the calcium. Massage seems to help the most though. Either I will rub my legs to increase the circulation, or if I'm really really lucky dh will do it for me - I'm not that lucky very often

Good luck, I hope you don't have to deal with this for your whole pregnancy.
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