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My cat peed on my FIL

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My disabled FIL lives with us, and I think some sort of altercation must have happened between one of my cats and my FIL while he was with his caretaker while I was at work.

I noticed a pee spot on the bath mat in his bathroom. Then I noticed a pee spot on the pad on FIL's chair (FIL is blind and incontinent). Then last night, FIL was snoozing in the chair, and Casper got up and just started whizzing on his leg!!!

Never seen my little Casper be so vindictive before. He's usually such a cuddler. But FIL doesn't like the cats.

It's sad but almost amusing. I'm just thankful that FIL isn't always with it enough to really know that he is being targeted for destruction.
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A friend of mine was mean to my cat one night- well he spent the night and the cat crapped right in his hand. Cats are so smart.
A friend of mine was mean to my cat one night- well he spent the night and the cat crapped right in his hand. Cats are so smart.

If your kitty continues and this is out of the ordinary, I would suspect a bladder infection. My cat (Poppy) started peeing on my clothing, like if I was changing, he would walk up and pee on what ever I just took off. He was telling me something & it took a while before we took him to the vet. Maybe he's trying to tell you (or your FIL) something?? Or he's getting back at him??

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One time when my DP and I were just starting to date we got into a fight and my DP ran out through the back door all mad at me. Well, my cat Tiggs was outside and he went right up to my DP and peed on his leg :LOL

I was so mad at my DP at the time because of the fight that I thought it was hilarious.
My DP was not so amused.
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Greenfaery (sorry I skipped the asterisks):

Good thought on the bladder infection. I don't think so, however. FIL has been with his sister all weekend, and there are no pee incidents. Casper seems happy as a jaybird.

Casper is a Manx (the kind born with a stub for a tail which is really sensitive). I think he got up and FIL grabbed his stub or something like that. FIL tends to be very rough with the animals (I have two cats and two dogs) due to his disability. Only Foxie the Dog will go to him, and I think that's because she was abused before we adopted her, and she doesn't know the difference between good touch and bad touch.

CATS ARE SMART! :LOL about the cat taking a #2 in that person's hand! I can think of a few people... maybe I should invite them over...
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Please don't be shy. Share your secrets. I'd love to be able to train my cat to pee on my FIL. :LOL
I read your title and thought, "Smart cat!" And please, do share your secrets, do you have any tips for getting dogs to pee on people?
Can your kitty come and pee on my fil and mil? :LOL
my sister had a minx and it had to have special food (They are sensitive. stomache wise) it wasn't having the right food and it peed on ME well I was sleeping at her house. I hate that cat. then she dropped it off at my house when she got a new boyfirend and it peed all over my house. Not b/c i hated it just b/c it was stupid/ Luckily it jumped out the window and ran away. Oh by the way i swear I do like other cat's just not that one. I am actually a cat person. but like people sometimes you get stupid cats.
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