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Hi All! I have a one week old baby girl here!! yay!!
Here is a link to her cuteness & you can see her in her 1st cd! (a purple kissaluvs!) A sposie has not touched her bootie at all!!

I took a ton of dipes to the hosp with me & a huge was very easy actually!
I had bought some really soft knit fabric at was a it was about .97 I made a ton of little liners for the little dipes!
I took about 30 flannel wipes..these are GREAT!! They are just one-ply..but they are perfect for little babies!
FOr my 18 mo old son..I usually prefer 2 sided flannel/terry/sherpa..etc..but for her little butt..I don't really need all that.. I bought them from SJMAE (she might be closed now) but they were really inexpensive & really cute!!

I LOVE my preemie prefolds..there is no way she could use an infant prefold yet..she was born weighing 7 lbs 5 oz..
I dyed a lot of them while I was pg..& so they are "pretty", blue, purple etc..I have about 20 of them..& let me say KISSALUVS ROCK!!! They fit her perfectly!! I have about 12 assorted covers..but find myself leaning towards proraps the most..

ahhh..cding a NB is great!!

I will add a new page of just cd's LOL but wanted to share her arrival!! We are so happy!

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She is absolutely adorable. Congratulations and enjoy her, I know you will.

I totally agree with you about the infant prefolds. My dd was just over 6 pounds and didn't wear them for over a month. We used preemies and the special newborn ones from Green Mountain. For the price they are a very sound investment. Both less than the cost of a package of disposables.

Ah, the Kissaluv 0 - so sweet! Congrats again.
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