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We just found out our dd (30 mos) is allergic to dairy (not eggs), additives (food colors, preservatives, artificial flavorings, ect.) and refined sugars (everything but maple syrup, honey, stevia, and agave nectar.<br>
This is a little overwhelming to me. I need sugestions on toothpaste (no zylitol), websites to read up on reading labels, and lists of all preservatives. Any help would be appreciative. Soory so choppy, DH is leaving for work and needs the laptop. Will add more tonight. Thanks! Nicole<br><br>
Okay, I'm back. I have always suspected dairy, and we have actually limited her to plain yogurt occasionally and a little butter. We had recently added in goats milk (for her teeth), but we're not sure if she is allergic to that as well. I'm really hoping she's okay with the raw goats milk as we have goats and I just started making kefir. We'll see I guess. She can't tolerate table sugar, rapidura, turbinado, fructose, and zylitol (which was another new addition to help her teeth as well).<br>
Additives are out. Now, at home we don't eat most of those anyway, but I'm already finding it difficult when we're anywhere else.<br>
I'd love some snack ideas that are portable and easy, as well as toothpaste brands that are natural but that doesn't have any zylitol (or flouride). Thank you so much for your help and your suggestions! I really appreciate any ideas!
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