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Originally Posted by sbm1001
I'm currently seeing the mw who caught my last ds at home. Right now we're taking on a huge mortgage & I'm feeling SO stressed at the thought of spending a significant amount of money when I know for a fact my ins. co. won't pay a penny back of it to me. There's a few highly recommended CNM's in my area who take my ins. & I'm considering interviewing them.

My concern with having a hospital birth vs. a homebirth is at home I'm guaranteed I won't be having a c/s (not unless I'm transfered) but if I choose to birth at a hospital my chances of walking away without another c/s dwindle considerably. I'll do ANYTHING to avoid another c/s but this is putting a strain on us fianancially so I'm not sure what to do.

I guess this is a complaint more than anything. I'm just confused because I want the homebirth mainly to avoid the c/s but I want to help out with the financial burden if I can, too. Anyone been here? This sucks.

Hey Shannon, I too live in Nevada, and I too feel I am paying an exorbitant amount to the midwife. We're self-insured, so we're paying out of pocket either way, but I'm paying the midwife a mere $500 less than I would pay both the OB and Saint Mary's (we're in Reno) if we prepaid.

Can you negotiate with the MW? Barter? Put it on a credit card? And what kind of guarantees can you get from the CNMs on no c/s? If your last birth was vaginal, it seems like you're in pretty good shape to avoid a c/s. Was it a VBAC?
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