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So, I'm nursing 2- my 3yr old DD and my 2yr old DS. They are both fantastic nursers, no supply issues. However DS is EASILY distracted....often taking my nipple with him
: tends to hurt
They both don't really like my left boob all that much I TRY, in vain, to get them to nurse on that side...

I got one of those tempary tattoos-all bright and somewhat sparkly and put it on my boob- right abouve their eye level.....they LOVE it! DS now ONLY wants to nurse on that side- he LOVES this tattoo! Best 50cents I've spent in a while!!!

Lol- just wanted to share
What are you're ways of dealing with a distracted nurser? I've tried the wonderfull nursing necklaces...the kids tried to choke me with it-Not fun.
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