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My daughter is a booby addict!

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I've breastfed my 14 month old daughter since birth. Started solids at 6 months, table food probably around 10, and she has always eaten well and nursed well. Almost 2 weeks ago we came down with the flue and the diarhea stuck around for about a week. Ever since then my daughter wants to nurse CONSTANTLY. Last night she was up 5 times during the night to eat. During the day she is at the boob probably once an hour at least. She is eating probably half as much table food as she used to before she got sick.

I love nursing her and want to continue, but Mommy is not a buffet you get 24/7. I have a home daycare and an infant that started about a week before we got sick, so I really cannot indulge her requests all the time. When I don't, or I pick her up but say no bobbie right now, she throws a total tantrum. Last night she wanted to sleep on the booby all night, and I jstu can't get a good rest like that.

She still doesn't seem to be feeling 100 percent, both of us seem to be having some sinus issues with the changing of the seasons, but I know if I went to the dr I wouldn't get good answers about the bfing questions. They support it, but told me how she shoudl b sleeping through the night etc etc. I don't mind her getting up once or twice.... its just the all night long that is too much.

Soo, sorry to drag on there, I'd appreciate any advice on what to do.
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You are not alone. This is very common especially after illness as you have seen, or when they are teething molars, OUCH!

One night she woke me up so many times DH finally said "Emma the Na-nas are sleeping!" She went "OoooKay. Mamma HoldJu?" so I just held onto her and she fell back asleep. I was amazed. I am very wimpy about saying no esp at night 'cause it is just easier for me to sleep. I am too tired for tantrums. But DH is getting a bit weary of the whole routine. My DD is older than yours, so I don't know, but try giving them to her during the day, but warning her beforehand that mamma is busy so it has to be quck. (obviously don't do this at every feeding!)
Then encourage her to go to the other side sooner and then "all done!" sooner. (you leading it) So hpefully you both get what you want. That way at night she will be used to those cues and hopefully you can pop her off and get some ZZZzzzzz's. As she gets used to sleeping without nursing she will also learn to sleep longer (in theory). It isn't an instant cure tho. Sorry. We are always a work in progress. Good luck!
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