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My daughter, the breastfeeding advocate--NOT!

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My daughter weaned last February, although she nursed twice after turning 4 in May. Until she started to wean, which started in December, she was one of those types who I thought would go until she was 6. Then she decided I didn't have enough milk or something and kept cutting way back. She will still occasionally act as if she wants to nurse (putting her mouth on my clothed breast), but will say no if I ask her if that is what she wants.

As a baby, she nursed very frequently, and refused bottles. But somehow she has become convinced that babies drink from bottles, use pacifiers and sleep in cribs. She started to become fascinated with bottles at some point in the 3 year old range, and even referred to them by our term for nursing, which really threw me for a loop. For awhile she would ask to drink from one on occasion.

Well, the other day she won a toy that was a "flashlight" It is kind of cool in the way it lights up, but it is basically a toy light up pacifier that she can wear as a necklace. Strange, huh? She calls it a flashlight and refuses to think of it as a pacifier.

So today we went to LLL and she was wearing this toy light up pacifier. Then at one point, one of her friends who will be 4 in December was nursing and not playing with her. She asked where her friend was and I told Molly that her friend was having "mah" (Molly's term for it). Molly got upset and said that she wanted to play with her and she couldn't nurse. I told her to go and ask her friend if she wanted to play, knowing that the mom would be fine with a break from the nursing, since she also has a 2 year old who nurses a lot. Of course her friend had no interest in stopping. LOL. So what did my daughter do? She said, "She has to stop nursing, only babies nurse, she has to play with me!"

Geez, what a tyrant! I took her outside where other children were playing so that her friend didn't hear her saying those things. She really seemed confused by the fact that her friend still nursed, but I explained that she, herself, nursed at that age also. A 6 year old boy said that nursing isn't only for babies because his brother is a toddler who nurses. Then there was a little conversation among the children about nursing.

So my daughter is not one of those breastfeeding advocate types, sadly. She won't even nurse her baby dolls.
She used to bring them to me to nurse, but now she gives them bottles. We have her old bottles still around, and one toy bottle. Her attitude is that toys drink from bottles--only real babies breastfeed. Although I have breastfed some of her animals, and she even nursed a toy Elmo at a LLL meeting one day. It was so cute!

Anyway, I actually kind of get a kick out of her sometimes. Kids can be so unpredictable. Any other kids have a bottle obsession? I'm not sure what the fascination there is, although I used to think they were "cute" when I was a kid.
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I enjoyed reading your post. Sounds like you've done really well raising a child with a mind of her own. She sounds adorable! It's probably just the novelty value of the bottle I think.

Originally posted by wombat
It's probably just the novelty value of the bottle I think.
That's what I was thinking.
I can identify with the bottle thing! Dd has a doll with a bottle glued to its hand (I tried to remove it with no success) We have to keep the wretched thing becaues a good friend gave it to her, and she comes over often.

Even amongst all dd's breastfed friends, they fight over this wretched doll. Then last week dd was given a doll with two bottles, one of milk and one of juice, where the liquid magically disappears when you tip the bottle up. Both dd #1 and #2 are obsessed with these bottles! Even though there has never been a bottle in our house.

Weird, huh?
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Her attitude is that toys drink from bottles--only real babies breastfeed
That is so logical, I think. Fake drinks from fake, real drinks from real. Sounds like she has got it down.

My dd loves those magic bottles too. If you are really bothered by the bottles, there are magic liquid sippy cups to, maybe the girls would like those instead?
Since my dd nursed well past the age of 5 and is still at almost 7 sometimes obsessed with my breasts (usually when cuddling in bed reading a book or laying down with me on the couch).....she is a pretty good advocate of breastfeeding.

She was telling me about a day in school (lst grade) when they talked about mammals. The talk was about how they give their young their milk. My dd told the teacher (and class) that humans are mammals too, and they give their babies their milk). She commented to me about one kids very negative attitude about it and asked me why he would say stuff like that.

But this same dd of mine will give her baby dolls a bottle too. When she was still nursing, she mostly nursed her dolls, but now they have switched over to bottles. But, if I ask her what is in the bottles, it is ALWAYS Milkies (breastmilk)
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lol cindy- what else would it be?
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Of course it is always breastmilk. She knows its the best!
My 5yo dd told me, "I just breastfeed her once a day." I asked why only once. She said, "My doctor said she only needs it once a day. If she cries, I help her sleep."

I told her: It's a good thing DS's doctor didn't say that. He'd be soooo hungry, wouldn't he?

She whispered: "DS is a real baby. Alisa isn't."

Oooooohkay. Mom can live with that. LOL
well, my ds is obsessed with bottles right now because dd gets EBM while i'm at work. now everytime she fusses, he tells me she needs a bottle.
: its driving me up the wall.
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Oh, my daughter just asked to nurse two days ago so I let her. These kids will keep you guessing, huh?
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