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I'd be willing to work with her on hair styles (flat iron, braiding before bed, shorter hair that's easier to manage) but not on a chemical straightener. I would tell her straight out that the chemicals that do this to your hair are very strong and toxic. They are designed to be used for adults, and even then, I'm not sure they're a great idea for adults. For for kids who are much more sensitive to toxins? Nope, no way.

I did get some helpful suggestions when I posted about my dd's hair a while back. Dd does not have curly hair, but wavy hair, and is insistent on growing it out. Things that help:
1. Braiding it before bed. Religiously.
2. Leave in conditioner. Not just the kind that you spray on, but the kind that's made for 'defrizzing' hair.
3. Not piling the hair on top of her head when washing it, but just washing it down her back.
4. Patting her hair dry, but not toweling it dry.
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