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My Daughter was just diagnosed with possible midline brain Issues

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Hello All!
i am new here. i found your site while resarching Midline Brain issues.

First I'd like to give a little history so that anyone reading this can give a more accurate opinion.
Cate was given her DTaP Shot as well as Polio injection on january 11th 2005
The next Morning i found her unresponsive in her crib and in what i later found to be a continuose seizure! She spend the next 10 days in the PICU and the ramainder of the month in the hospital . She continued to experience the seizures for 6 days . She was on 3 types of anti convulsants! Anyway long story short she is home now and seizure free Thank GOD! But now that she is awake and alert they are finding that she respons to things on her left and right sides but if you put it infront of her she just grabs whatever is closer and not the correct object you have told her to grab. She is also crossing her feet when we stand her up to try and get her to take steps they call it siscor(sp) steps i guess?
Does andyone have any idea how to treat this issue is there a cure?
Thankful for any ifo you have.
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I don't know much about the condition but if it is vaccine related which it sounds like I would really try and find a good ND and/or homeopathic practitioner to help detox your DD and treat her condition holistically, its amazing what holistic treatment can do sometimes and definitely worth pursing (IMHO) good luck and hope this helps. What a scary thing to happen though and sorry to hear this. You might also visit the vaccination forum for some support there.
Hi Sarah! I'm sorry for all that you've been through but glad you found us.

Are you in the US? How old is Cate? If she's under 3 (I'm assuming she is), you can call your local Early Intervention team to come evaluate her. If she qualifies, they will provide therapy. It's a state-run federal program so it's available in all 50 states.

My daughter had midline problems (due to a serious brain malformation) and was in therapy for that and many other issues. Working with an Occupational Therapist was so helpful. She's overcoming so many of her "problem" areas. I would strongly suggest looking into therapy if you haven't already. At young ages the brain can be "rewired" quite successfully.

Good luck!
Thanks for replying to my post.
She is in ST,OT & PT 3 x a week that is were they found out. So i was just wondering if there is a cure or if it is just something we will have to work around.

It was vaccine related she is know almost 2 (2weeks) Does the holistic stuff interfeer with her anti convulsants?


Originally Posted by cate'smom
Thanks for replying to my post.
She is in ST,OT & PT 3 x a week that is were they found out. So i was just wondering if there is a cure or if it is just something we will have to work around.

It was vaccine related she is know almost 2 (2weeks) Does the holistic stuff interfeer with her anti convulsants?

It should not interfere with the anti-convulsants, but you would need to go to someone who will work with that, and understands about them. Also anti-convulsants can have long-term side effects (not to worry you) if she is on them long term and holistic treatment can help prevent possible side effects and also decrease or eliminate possibly anti-convulsants. I would try and connect with other people who have used a holistic approach and see what they have to say too, and there may be some more people hanging out in the vaccine forum who could help. I do know people with vaccine related injuries have had really good results with holistic treatment (and combining it with whatever works conventionally especially what she is doing already is great!).

Hope this helps and you do go this route as I think it can really help! Good Luck!
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Hi and welcome!

My dd has seizures and I have been warned several times to be extremely careful with any medications, whether they are western meds, OTC, herbs, homeopathic, etc. You really need to do your research because seizures can be triggered by lots of things. My dd sometimes get seizures from fear!

I would also suggest having your child's vision checked by someone who specializes in cortical vision impairments. Then you can determine if it is a vision thing or a motor thing.

I also wanted to make sure you know about the vaccine compensation program. This is a federal program that will provide significant monetary compensation for the rest of your child's life. I've heard it can be tricky to get into the program, but if you persist they often pay out awards of around $1 million. Here's the link:
I'm so sorry this happened to your family. Have you checked out Brain Gym? It's a simple series of exercises that is supposed to really help with integration issues, crossing the midline and all that. She may be a little young but you could probably adapt them to her. CHeck the book at Amazon.

Also, you might want to do a search on a guy called Glenn Doman who's done a lot of work with children with brain injuries.
Hi! Ds No 6 reacted to the dptap and polio and mmr with a colapse and seizure with in the hour.I sure as h--- wasn't going to give him anymore. He was the #rd of my first six to react this way. Our other family ped had LISTENED to me when I had said They were horribly whinny and cried alot this guy didn't and the resaults were seizure and then ....Anyway to make a long story short-He now now has what is diagnosed as a-typical seizure disorder meaning its not epilepsy...Jeepers like they can't say so sorry we messed up- some people react to this -vax- glad your's lived-So how do we live with this?...Day by day.Brain gym is helpful but so is movement music and focusing,Really concentrating like yoga on something specifc ,brain-damsge is brain- damage takes time to overcome be patient and good luck. Ps has been a huge help as Nancy has a son who also has a seizure disorder she'been a huge resource.
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