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my dc ate half of a berry.. don't know if poisonous

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It has been a few hours, I called the poison control center, they said to give her water and watch for symptoms they can't tell me what it is, but she would have to swallow several for it to hurt her. She didn't show symptoms but it still bothers me.
Does anyone know what it is?
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Hi -- I'm sorry -- I don't know what kind of plant that is but while doing a search for an image database to identify it with, I found a TON of photos of various poisonous berries. None of the plants looked like your photo (leaves, stems different) but the berries almost all looked like that. I would assume from that that the berries are poisonous. How is your DD doing?

I don't mean to panic you at all, your post just really got my attention. I hope everything is alright.

I tried various image and text searches too and didn't find anything. Myself, I wouldn't worry as it was only half a berry and the PCC said it would have taken several to cause any sort of issue. Is she exhibiting any uncommon signs? Just keep an eye on her.
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She hasn't had any unusual symptoms, she is sleeping right now (of course it is 2am!)
I am going to dig the plant up to avoid this in the future, I dug all the other ones up already there used to be 4 other bushes, I didn't dig this one up b/c I didn't want to leave the place bare and I haven't bought a replacement plant yet, always low on money and when we get some I want to use it for something else... but I have been itching to plant some pretty things sooo I have added incentive.
It looks like a Holly Bush to me. We have them in our front yard.

Imo, you went the right direction but the chances of half a holly berry doing much/anything are pretty slim.
Heh, it looks like a Rhododendron/azalea to me... I didn't think it was a holly because the leaves aren't shiny or pointy enough, IMHO. But it does look like an evergreen, and some rhody's bear fruit in the spring. I also haven't heard of any poisonous rhody's. What size/color were the flowers?
There are hollies that don't have the spiky leaves, and the color of the leaves did look like holly; but, the beries didn't quite look like holly. Every picture I found of holly berries showed a dark scar at the blossom end of the berry. These berries were too perfect looking. Plus, the stem on this bush was brown and woody, and all the holly pictures I found showed a more greenish stem.

It also doesn't look like rhododendron to me. I could only find one pic of rhodo berries, but they were dark, not red.

Sorry, haven't found an answer yet
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they do make very little flowers that are white, I have been checking too but no luck here either.
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