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My dd broke my heart this morning....

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I took my dd to a summer camp this am. It is the same church she goes to preschool during the school year. She has dearly loved her first year of preschool (2 days 3 hours a day in the am) up until the very last day when she cried and did not want to stay. My guess is that I kept telling her it was her last day she decided she didnt want to go. Anyway I had enrolled her in a 4 day camp from 9:30-1:30. She seemed excited to go but when we got there she changed her mind. She was crying and yelling Mommy!! The teacher grabed her and told her she needed her help and they went down the hallway to do something all the while she was crying for me. This broke my heart!!! Dh said to leave her or she will forever do this when we try to leave her. I called the teacher and she said she was fine and not to worry. What would you have done? Would you have picked your child up (3 this month) and just left the school never to return? Or would you have let your child just adapt? I was going to give her 1/2 hour to adjust and if she didnt calm down the teacher agreed to call us so we could come get her.

When it was time to pick her up I was peeking in the door and she was singing and jumping around having a ball. She said she had a great time at camp. Her teacher said she calmed right down and had a great day. Its just I feel so rotten for making my baby cry for mama and not going to her. I can only imagine how she felt. When I called the school I was secretly crying on the phone. What would you have done?
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I used to think that I would *never* leave my child if they were crying for me.....but after being a Sunday School teacher and actually handling a crying child and seeing how quickly they adapt and have a good time I have reconsidered. I think it really depends on the child....from the sounds of it you *knew* that she would like it and has enjoyed these things in the past - so I would have probably done the same thing....
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Thank you for your post. I did know she would enjoy it since "school" is all she used to talk about. I trust her teachers. Had she been in a situation she was not familiar with I would never have left her. She did this at dance class and i just took her out. I figured she would know if something was not comfortable. The first 3 days she went no problem but on the 4th day she screamed and I just took her home and didnt go back. lol The preschool is a very loving and caring enviroment. I know the school would call me as well to come pick her up if she did not calm down soon. I am like you. I said I would never leave my child screaming for me. But I did and it felt like crap. I told my dh I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest. I went for my prenatal appt and my BP was up. I told my MW about my being upset and she said that was probably why. Anyway it sounds like she ended up having a great time. I figured she would but boy was it hard on me. lol
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