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My dd was reading mothing magazine...

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...and every page that had a baby on it she said "baby" and stopped and kissed it.
Then she pointed to my mouth and then to the page, wanting me to kiss the babies too. It was so cute I wanted to share.
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oooohhh! that is sooo cute! i love how affectionate they can be at this age.
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How cute. My dd will read Parenting Magazine while going potty on the toilet. She'll sign baby and then give the baby kisses. So cute! Now whenever I go to the bathroom, she signs baby and tries to reach the magazines, lol.

(The reason she reads the Parenting and not my beloved Mothering is because she's still a ripper at times. Or she'll drop it and tear all of the pages out.)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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