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My DD's are sleeping ALL the time!

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I am sure that I'm going to jinx myself here, but here goes anyway...

My Dd's have always been really good sleepers. For the past month or so they wake up (between 8-930am) eat breakfast, play for a little while and go back down for 4-5 hrs. Wake up, eat, play for about an hour and go back down a couple more hours until its time to wake up and eat again, then before you know it, it's bedtime.

Maybe it's just a growth spurt (they are almost 7 months) I am just concerned they aren't eating enough during the day.

Oh they also sleep all night, no wakeups.

They have started to be a lot more mobile so maybe they are just tired from moving around so much.

Either way, just thought I would hop on here for some input. Thanks!
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Sounds like you should enjoy the breaks while they last! given that their weight and everything is fine and healthy.
AWESOME! i bet having twins you need all the rest you can get!
sounds like they are doing great, i'd just enjoy it.
they'll wake up if they are hungry, i think.
Congratulations . . . as the mother of possibly two of the worst sleepers on the face of the planet, you just made me want to shoot myself in the head.

But seriously, if they are happy, alert and growing, I'd just enjoy it! (And try to pass some of that sleep mojo along to the rest of us!)
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