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my dd's super cute custom capris!

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Had to show off how cute these are. Kirsten at Baby Woolies made them, and I

Picture of my dd in her new capris!
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Delicious!!! That wool looks so yummy & soft
omg - what a great pic! cute capris and cute babe!
Those are beautiful and what wonderful photos. I'm sure Kirsten would be thrilled to see her work so beautifully photographed and modeled!
I love that pic - so precious!!! goodness, if I ever have a girl I am so gonna go broke.....
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That pic is so sweet. She looks beautiful in them.
Ok, those are definitely sweet capris, but wow what a beautiful babe! She has such a great "serious face",
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Thanks, everyone! Like any doting mama, I love hearing how cute my girl is.

Yarnia - I love your screen name! Also, I took your suggestion and emailed the pics to Kirsten. I know if I knitted (which I wish I did!) I'd love seeing my stuff "in action".

And I just have to say again how great Kirsten is and how super-quick, too! She did these in one weekend.
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They're adorable! And your daughter is beautiful!!
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