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MY DH asked me ...

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When we would be moving the baby into her room last night ... Argh ... She is only 8 months and i just dont want to seperate that far from her. I have a cradle in my room i put her in wwhen i first go to bed then as soon as she fusses i get her and put her int he bed and she stays there for the night unless she is awake when we go to bed ... then she comes straight into our bed. Well the past 2 nights she has been found sitting up in the cradle when i wake to get her. So i know that needs to go and i was thinking of putting the pack and play in teh room ... I do this to get a few hours of sleep without her nursing (she nurses almost all night) ... Anyway i told DH unless he planned on getting up with her every hour in the night to bring her to me and bring her back to her room it is not ggonna happen ...

Oh well ... She is so cute and cuddley i am not ready to seperate from her .... I dont think i will ever.... My DS still comes and gets in our bed in the middle of the night also ... So we are getting crowded but I say lets get a bigger bed ... lol... I coslept (they did not call it that though) with my parents until i was 10 - 12 years old and i loved feeling comfort from my parents being right there. I was a big chicken too and thought i had ghost under my bed ... but anyway I am not ready ... just wanted to get it out ...

thanks for listening ...

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I'm sorry your dh suggested that.. I would push the co-sleeping issue, though.
We co-sleep and dh loves it but if he ever suggested we put our kids in another room, he can either accept co-sleeping or take himself to another room! lol...
LOL. That's what I would tell DH. If he's disturbed by the cosleeping, he can sleep on the couch.

But luckily DH *loves* cosleeping and would be very upset at the idea that we should move our kids out of the bed.
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lol- My DH keeps asking why I don't stay in our bed anymore. Well, I do. I fall asleep with ds3 in his bed- his choice most nights- in our room. Then DH wakes me to move to our bed after he has moved ds2 out (if he was there) then if someone wakes, I try to encourage them to sleep in their own bed (in our room) or, settle them down in our bed and I go to theirs. If I had my way DH would not be sleeping with me right now!! I know it is a pregnancy thing and soon enough I will want my littles ones back with me. But right now? I take up enough room on my own!
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