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I hang all my dipes to dry on a drying rack in the basement, excpet for my prefolds which go into the dryer. I can't have an outside clothes line because we rent and it's in the lease that you can't have a clothes line.

I have one cat who likes to "help" me hang dipes. She pushes against the drying rack while I'm hanging and after I'm done. This leads to wet dipes falling onto a not so clean basement floor or hair covered dipes. I kept complaining to my dh and I guess he got tired of it.

We took my drying rack and suspended it from the ceiling. OMG I love this man! No more dipes that have been tortured by that cat. Plus, it is so much easier to reach up to hang the dipes rather than bending down.

My dh, he's a keeper
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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