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my dh talks about work too much

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maybe it's because we've run out of things to talk about. granted, there are lots of things going on in his job right now, lots of changes, so i should probably just shut up and listen, and be glad that he's sharing with me. but i'm not. it's getting old. and i wish we had more to say.

ok, just needed to get that out! anyone else? any suggestions are welcome.
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ok, I hate to admit it, but this happens to me... my dh has a new job, and he talks about it a lot, which is fine, except he keeps mentioning the great trips he's going to have to take to germany and other parts of the world, and I, on the other hand, don't want him to go anywhere... how can I be happy for him, because he has a great job, it's exactly what he wanted, but on the other hand, he has such responsability in this job that he has to travel once or twice a year to a far away country for 2 weeks and I have to stay home? I know in the future we can go with him, but right now, with 2 kids, I really don't feel like hopping on a plane, thanks, but I pass.... I want to be happy for him... but all this also makes me

oh well, it's great to know I'm not the only one...
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My dh is a high school music teach and a coach for the football team so I get to here not only about this kid and that kid but FOOTBALL all evening. I really like his kids at the school...they are great and I like to keep up on them...even the football team BUT after I can't take it anymore I just tell him to "put it in a bubble...and let it go"
He does it to himself now before I have to....MOST of the time. But then - I tend to yammer on and on about what the baby did...or breastfeeding...or what "cute" and "funny" things Trevor did...or a conversation on MDC...maybe I need to start my own bubble!
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My dh and I have had a conversation about the fact that all we talk about are his work, my work, our kids, our finances, breatfeeding, parenting, the births of my friends babies and how much I want another baby! We've come to the conclusion that these are just the important things going on in our lives right now and that we really don't have much else to talk about! We don't have time for hobbies or many outside interests at this point in our lives.

One of the things that we've found helpful is doing things together, like hiking, playing cooperative games, reading the same series of books, etc. I'm making a memory jar for my dh for Father's Day....I'm writing memories on slips of paper and putting them in a jar, which I'll make a label for that says "memory jar". Then, on his nights off, he'll take a 'memory' out of the jar and we'll remenisce. The memories include when we first met, our friendship before we were dating, our courtship, our engangement, our wedding, honeymoon, the years before kids, as well as the births and life with our children. This should give us something to talk about other than his new job and my baby obsession!
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Thanks for the memory jar idea!!

My hubsand used to work in a tire shop. Every night he would come home and talk for half an hour about tires!? My best advice, smile and nod and dont let him know you are really composing your grocrey list in your head!

I talk way more than my husband, and he always listens.
So glad to see this post!!! I was going through the exact same thing today. I am sad that DH and I have nothing to talk about other than his work and the kids. I glaze over when he talks about work, he glazes over when I talk about the neighborhood moms. The only thing he wants to hear about was which kid pooped today (they are both in diapers), who ate what when, and what time did they nap. I am so sick of running down that list
. More alone time is not the answer, because we go out and still have nothing to say!
I think before we had kids we did more stuff together (like martial arts) and that gave us something we both liked that we could talk about.
The memory jar is a great idea. So is reading the same series of books. Thanks for those ideas. What are cooperative games?
I guess I need to brainstorm stuff we can do together. It would also be helpful if we knew some of the same people we could hang out with. I don't know the guys he works with, and he doesn't know any of the moms I hang out with. So we are always telling each other about strangers
Is this a phase that people grow out of?
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