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hello jamie! thanks for this great service

this question is about my husband's work (i'll be asking about my own career path in another thread soon). he has worked in the wrestling business for 15 years now. he was laid off in October 2008 from the company he founded in 2002. so he started two new promotions in the past year, one last July (partnering with a Japanese company) and another just last month. He's worried about ticket sales and merchandise sales and whether these will grow and becoming successful; otherwise he will have to get what he calls a "real job" in order to support our newly bigger family.

so, my question is: will these two companies make money and support us, or will he have to find a 9-5 job? thanks again!

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I feel that one will work out for you and the other won't. I feel pretty good about the one with Japanese connections. I feel the other one will flop. But I don't think just the one will be enough to completely support you, so one of you will have to find some extra work as well.
Good luck!

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