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my ds has sudden tooth pain when biting down

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Ds is 7 yo. Has never had a cavity. Today he was eating dinner and when he bit down he suddenly screamed in pain. He is pointing to an adult tooth and insisting that something is wrong with it. He says it feels "like it broke." He was eating a bean buritto -- nothing hard or chewy at all. His tooth looks perfectly fine. Really fine. Not loose. No dark spots or anything. I touched his gums and asked if the pain was there, and he said "No, not the skin. Just the tooth." He said it was fine all day until that moment when he bit down on his dinner. At anyrate, he's sitting in the familyroom with tears gushing down his face, and I have no idea what to do for him.

Any thoughts on what is wrong? I'm worried!
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On the bottom, not one of the middle two -- just next to the middle two. (is that clear as mud?) He has 6 adult teeth. It was the last one that came in.

He is still sad, but cheered up a little bit 'cause daddy is going to read to him now...
Wow! He'll be absolutely thrilled to go to school tomorrow and be able to tell everyone that he "sprained his tooth!" I really think he'll get a kick out of the explanation.

Makes really good sense too. Thanks for coming to the rescue, Smilemomma! Dh can't make fun of the time I spend at MDC anymore. He had a new respect for the place when I told him 5 min. after it happened -- "Hey, hon... I have a dentist online here right now...."
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