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my DS in his new Wool Pants

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Debi gives me such dear inspiration!! After seeing her little one, I decided to get my wool sweater out of the closet and sew my guy some pants. Mind you I have only sewn 1 thing in my life. They didn't turn out too bad, though!....they aren't perfect, but they do the trick! And he is adorable in them!!!
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Those are so cute!!! And your little boy is adorable! Do you have to do something special to the sweater before you started? How did you come up with the pattern? Did you just copy a pair of pants he already had? Did you use elastic at the waist or a drawstring? You are inspiring me
I want a pair!
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wow, you did a great job!! They are pretty easy to make aren't they?? It only gets easier. Keep on plugging away, and you'll be making wool pants for everyone. You know... Thats how it starts!! LOL Your baby is darling too.
Sarah<---unlurking, because I have time now! LOL

they are very easy to make. I went to a thrift store and searched through the sweaters to find some wool ones that i liked. These two pants were both made from Lg sweaters. I cut the arms off at the seam. Then I looked at a couple of pants my ds wears. I measured them from the crotch to the bottom of the leg. Which was about 9 inches. Then i measured from the crotch to the waist. That was about 9 or 10 inches too. So i took the arm i cut out and starting from the top, I cut the inner seam until it was about 10 inches from the end of the cuff. I did that on the other arm too. Then I serged the two pieces together. It looks like little pants at this point, but the waist isn't even. The outer edges are higher and pointed. At this point I measured from the crotch up about 11 inches. And then I serged all around the crotch so that the top of the pants are now all even. Then I folded and sewed it down, and put in the elastic. I think elastic is quicker to put on ds. And then that is it, all done!

I haven't lanolized them yet. But he has been wearing them the last couple of days and they haven't even gotten damp! I love wool!

Give it a doesn't take very long, less than 45 minutes. Let us see your pants when you do!

(sorry if my description doesn't make sense....I have never been very good at giving instructions, or listening to them for that fact! :LOL )
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I think your instructions were great! I don't have a serger...I assume I could just do a zigzag stitch on my regular machine?
Very cute little guy and nice pants!
I've been wondering, how does just sewing it (if you don't have a serger), keep them from unraveling past where you've sewn?

They look adorable on your son!
Ack! Those are great!! I am going to have to add elastic to the waist. What kind/size did you use? They are so cute. I am working on my second pair, but I really wish I had a sewing machine already!! Great job!!
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