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my ds's baby book and the greif from my dh

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I haven't been keeping up with my ds's progress in his baby book. and my husband seems to think i'm scaring our son for life because I don't know the excat day he made his first smile. He's only 4 months so i figure I can start from now on (although it does seem like i've missed a lot already) Just can't convince my dh that there isn't enough time in the day for everything I need and Want to do! . I thought I was pretty organized but I guess I give myself more credit then I deserve! ha ha

Just thought I'd complain a little unless I'm the only one who's forgot to record every detail of my childs first 4 months.
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With this baby I am doing good to get her aproxamate age down (3 months" or "middle of July") but with my other two it was easy because we had sticker calanders. So when ever he did something we would pull the sticker off and put iton the calander and then when I had the time I would write stuff down. I looed every where for one of those calanders and couldn't find one anywhere so poor Ava.

One option is making stuff up. It isn't like they are going to know if you are a week or two off.
If you remember, just quickly write it on the calendar. Then again, here's another thought...if dh is so concerned, why doesn't he do it
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LOL yeah. He should but he says i'm better at that kinda stuff then he is. But apparently not if I don't get it done!

Yes! I have one of those calendars. (I got it from a catalog called Current. they sell greeting cards and misc. home things. They are online too at )
I just worked on it some tonight to catch up on the missed things (yeah i guessed on most things!) but i figure that from now on maybe i'll get things right!
I second the idea with the sticker calendar - it makes it easy to go back and get dates when I work on DS's scrapbook.

But, the problem I've had, is that everything a baby does is such a continuum, you can't really put a finger on the exact date he does something. Take smiling - at three weeks he was kind of smiling. Then at 4 weeks, a little more. Finally, by 6 weeks, it was a full-on smile. So how do you date that? Same with laughing. Now we're on to crawling. Last week he laid on his belly and lunged for toys. This week he's scootching backwards. Probably by next week he'll be moving forward. So when did he start to crawl? I can't pinpoint a date, I can just say, "8 months." So, I don't think your DS will be scarred!
Well, my babies don't have a baby book, and I haven't written anything on the calendar
. Everyone always asks me, "are you WRITING IT DOWN?!" And I always mumble some sort of "well, I've been meaning to, but. . . " response. It is very hard to find the time. I do have a journal with about four entries in it that looks something like this:

Jasper and Lukas are 12 days old.

I must have gotten pulled away last time I sat to wri. . .

My babies are 2 months old and they are very much. . .

You get the idea :LOL!

We do have a video camera, and I've made a point to get it out at least once a week, of only for a couple of minutes. I always say how old the boys are and try to point out something new that they are doing. At some point, I hope to get around to looking through the footage (and transferring it to DVD), and writing down the major milestones. I find the camera easier than writing because I can still be interacting with Luke and Jaz while I am documenting their growth.

Of course not everyone has a video camera, but if you do, that's an idea!

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The video camera is a great idea! My mom gave us one when Will was born, and it can also take digital still pics. This has come in very handy - I can take a picture of Will and put it on the computer to email to Mom. The picture doesn't have a date on it, but when I put it on the computer, it saves the date in the file name. So I can look at the file names and figure out when to pics were taken.

I got out Will's baby book the other night and had the same problem as kofduke - when exactly did Will roll over? He rolled from back to tummy once when he was three months, but then didn't roll again until four months. I think he was about four and a half months when he got pretty good at it. So what do I put? 3 - 4.5 months? That's pretty vague. I just wrote "by four and a half months, Will could roll front to back and back to front as often as he wanted"

Of course, the problem w/the video is getting him to "perform" on demand. We video-taped a lot last Friday (Will's six-month bday), but he wouldn't roll at all! He was too interested in the camera. So you can hear me saying that he can roll around, but I guess you'll just have to take my word for it - I can't prove it by the video.
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I second what mama2nicola said! If your DH is so concerned about the baby book being filled out, he should fill it out. He can read and write, I'm assuming...

And I also second what kinsey43 said. There seems to be no specific date when a baby makes a developmental leap. My baby can stand. She has taken a couple of steps, but I wouldn't call that walking, unless I really wanted to brag to someone.
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My dh gave me a hard time about filling out the baby book, too. I did finally tell him that if it was such a big deal, he could do it himself which caused a bit of an argument. After discussing the issue, I found that dh was feeling left out and sad that he was missing all the new and exciting things that ds was doing. After understanding this, I am now much better about filling out the book. There is time if you make it a priority.
kofduke- That was my biggest complaint to my dh from the beginning. I kept telling him I didn't know if that sideways smirk counted as smile until I saw it several times. And now my ds has been sitting up pretty good but he can't get in that position on his own or hold it for too long. But like you said if i get a ball park idea i'm sure it won't ruin ds for the rest of his life!

lexbeach- that's about how my journal would look too! So i knew from the beginning not to even try. I saw you website (adorable babies!!i liked thier names also) and I use the website too to keep things straight. I update it with the date and what he's doing and instead of erasing what i previously wrote i keep adding to it. (newest on top) I have been using our video camera too. I haven't made it a goal to use at least every week so that's a great idea so i can use it more than what I have.

Kinsey43- i actully got a few "Firsts" on the video camera. His first babble "sentence" and his first lundge forward. Just happened to have the camera on at the right time.

haevan'smomma- yeah my dh can write so if he keeps on my about it much more i'll let him know that he's just volunteered for the job!!

strugroupie-- yes that is a good reason to make it a priority. kinda sad too. sometimes i forget how much dh misses because he's not a sahd. that's also why i started useing the video camera. I would record what ds did during the day and share it with him when he got home from work. He really seemed to like that. it was something that i got out of the habit of doing but after your reminder i should start doing it again! Thanks!

Another problem I have with the Baby Book is how it's for the first five years. So it asks things like fav toy and fav food. well now it's a duck raddle and breastmilk but do i need to do an average for the five years!?! The way i see it is it really shouldn't be filled out until after he's five years old. so what i did was i got two of the same book that i liked. one to write all the stuff down in as it (kinda) happens then after the five years fill in everything nice and neat. but of course i''ll end up keeping both books so it was probably a waste of money. LOL
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What they all said! (where's the arrow pointing up? we need one of those!)

When I fill out my ds's, I write really small & add stuff, i.e. crawling: inchworms at 7 months, scoots a lot at 8 months; favorite toy: wooden swan & spider(6 months), etc.

Hmmmmm... I need to add: Interesting things he does: at 8 months: wakes up at 12:30 am to play & be a lil poop for about an hour (of course only because he knows we're about to go to sleep
: ). :LOL

gotta love parenthood
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