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my eggs didn't turn out right...

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I tried to dye easter eggs with dye made from purple cabbage. I googled it and read lots of tips but it didn't work. I hardboiled the eggs in regular water as I read the cabbage dye works best cold. Then I boiled up the cabbage and added a little cream of tartar and white vinegar. I let the eggs soak in that liquid after it cooled but they didn't change I added a bit more vinegar and cream of tartar. The eggs did get a light blueish purple...but the eggs surface was gritty and when I wiped them the color easily came off.

So has anyone successfully used a dye like this for easter eggs? I only dyed four today for my test round so I am going to dye the rest when I get it figured out. Thanks so much!
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Am I posting this in the right forum? Any suggestions for where I might get ideas? thanks.
When I did food dyeing I didn't try cabbage, so I don't know about the cold soak. From what I learned with other types - sometimes I had to soak them overnight to get much colour transfered. And the colours tend to be a light pastel, and a bit uneven if the surface is really pebbly. Hopefully you've found more sources by now!
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