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My Ex is taking me to court...

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He is truly awful. He hasn't seen DS in almost a year, and we haven't had much contact at all. Our divorce was final in August 2005. Well, he called last week to ask to see DS and I spoke with the Court about this and the family counselor suggested that he should file a motion to set up a visitation schedule. He has supervised visitation. He initially offered to meet him at a mall play area, but I changed my mind as I started to worry that he was plotting something. He said he wanted to talk to me in person and I just didn't feel safe. It seems that he was going to make me an offer of giving him some of his settlement back or risk going to court--which I refuse to do.

He was diagnosed with a personality disorder a few months before I filed for divorce. He is crazy, mean, abusive, paranoid and very angry but he is surely competent and knows what he is doing.

We live in a no-fault state and he defaulted on the divorce. We discussed a settlement and he said it was fine. Well, I got the money in Jan 2006 and now he is taking me to court to contest the divorce agreement. He has one year from August 2005 to do this. He told me he is working an angle and that because of his mental illness, he did not know what he was doing during the time of the divorce. Basically, he wants his money back. I am sure that arguing that he is mentally incompetent will make it very hard for him to have unsupervised visitation ever. He is just an awful man. The divorce cost me 6K and he didn't pay a penny. I got additional monies from him to cover his portion of the divorce. My attorney doesn't think he has much of a case, but I am still scared. I am not worried about losing DS, but I am worried that I am going to have to spend money on more legal fees.

Mostly, I am worried about my quality of life. This is just awful on so many levels.
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I don't think you need to be worried about losing your DS. If he has supervised visits now I doubt a court would give him custody, especially with him arguing he is mentally incompetent.

Try not to let him get to you. If he does, he's won, money or no money. It sounds like he's just upset he had to give you money, and I think a judge will see through that.
Hugs to you mama!
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: Good luck, mama! I wish I had some advice, but I don't. I wish you the best, though.
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What a creep. (This resonates with me because I'm SURE (!!!!!) that my stbx has the same mental issue - or awfully similar - to your ex.) It's like - it never ends with these guys. He's being crazy, about the money....and to proudly admit that he's being sly about it, pulling the angle of the mental issue.....he's got no conscience either. But as the other ladies said, at least if he's going to parade around in front of a judge saying how mentally ill he is, he can't then turn around and demand unsupervised visits. In the end, that's all that matters!!! But sorry you're going through any of this when you thought you'd put it behind you...though I think a judge will see through it!
I'm sorry he's doing this.
I'm sending positive energy to you and hope this doesn't go very far.
...hope it gets better soon, and at least your son isn't at risk, your ex will just look like a horrible dolt! Also, I'd think your attorney could easily argue that your ex should pay ALL your attorney's fees this time since he defaulted last time...maybe this will just end up keeping him further from your life.

But I know the quality of life thing...stress is killer...
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I'm sorry mama, I hope things work out for you. Sending lots of positive vibes your way
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