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anyone use MFW cirriculum?
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No, but I have looked at it, and it looks pretty good.

I really like Sonlight, and it seems kind of simple and not-as-advanced compared to that.

I like the toys MFW includes, like the simple puzzles and the ant farms, etc.
I'm really considering using it for my DS for 1st grade next year. I really wish I had started him with their Kindergarten, sounds so fun!

Is it similar to Sonlight? I need to check into that one.

MFW is actually developed by a couple that lives 30 minutes from my parents' house! I thought that was kinda cool.

Would LOVE to hear input on it!
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I am using the 1st grade pack this fall also. that is very cool . (that they live close by) I cannot seem to find anyone who has actually used it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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