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I was thinking about the "afterthought heel" the other day and decided to do an afterthough heel, AND and afterthough toe from the toe up!!!<br><br>
I like my handknit socks to be on the long side. This can be tricky when knitting from the top down because you can't be exactly sure when you'll run out of yarn and you need yarn for the 2nd sock. SOOOO...I knit from the bottom up, and skip the toe and heel at first, just leaving a hole where they'd be. Also, I love to wear my handknit socks around the house, this is a shoeless house. This means I darn a lot of socks, lol. This way I can reknit the toe or heel that is warn, much easier and more attractive than darning IMO.'s how I did it.<br><br>
Take my foot measurement - 2 inches = 8 inches.....<br><br>
CO 64 st and join in round. Knit every round (or insert pretty stitch pattern here) for 8 inches.<br>
BO back 32 sts, K32<br>
CO 32sts, Knit next 32 sts (this leave a hole, like a huge button hole)<br>
Then knit or Rib until you run out of the yarn designated for this one sock.<br>
Now take a complimentary color of yarn and pick up 64 sts around where the toe would go. Then finish like you would any toe.<br>
Pick up 64 sts around the heel hole, finnish like you would a TOE (yes a toe) only don't go down to quite as few stitches as you would for a toe. You can try the sock on when you think you've reduced down far enough to check.<br><br>
Graft your heel stitchese and toe stitches, if you get a hole in the heel or toe you can just unravel them and knit new ones.
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