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my favourite babywearing accessory

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My favourite babywearing accessory is my deluxe "lifestyle cart". Now I don't carry a bag with me at all, just my cart.

Features of All Rolser Multi-Funtional Carts:

* SUPER-LIGHT: frame and bag together weigh less than 5 pounds!
* Big wheels and high handle make Rolser carts sturdy.
* Aluminum frame adds durability.
* Can be used as a trolley (with the removal of the bag).
* Come in a variety of colours and patterns.
* Waterproof materials for bags.
* Easy Storage.
* Stylish, European.
At first it worked great to wear a backpack while wearing ds in the front. But that didn't work when we switched to primarily back carrying. Plus I started to enviously look at the cargo areas of those monster strollers that you see around here. It was hard to carry ds and all my groceries or library books. And as ds got older we started taking sand toys, etc. to the park.

Well using the cart has made such a difference. I still carry ds in the Ergo a lot, but now I effortlessly pull my gear around in the cart instead of lugging big bags. The bonus is that ds can easily hitch a ride on the cart by standing on the bar and holding on - he loves it! I think that will come in handy when I have the new baby. And I can carry a ton of really heavy stuff in the cart.

I can't recommend this enough if you are committed to babywearing and like to walk a lot.
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We have what we affectionately refer to as our 'Old Lady Cart', used for carrying groceries, etc. and we just love it. We walk everywhere and it really saves the added stress on our limbs.
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