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My first felted bag

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Well, I'm quite proud of this bag.
It was super easy to do and really fun. I'm thinking making a green and blue one too.
Felted Bag
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Love it!!!! Are you planning to sell them at your site or are they just for personal enjoyment? If you're gonna sell them, about how much
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Thanks for the compliment. I'm just knitting for fun, but the pattern is super easy and I see the
in your sig. Maybe it can be a future project?

(I can't figure out how to post pictures here without linking it to my site, can any one help?)
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You can use one of the free photo places like if you don't want to link to your site
I have a pattern for some purses to knit, but I've never felted anything before. It is definitely gonna have to be a future project for me
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Very cute! It's going on my list, too.

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the bag is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the colors you chose!!!!!

how the heck does everyone keep all their projects going at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how do yoou know if a yarn can be used for felting? i know it has to have wool in it
I think it has to be 100% wool and not superwash wool.
That's gorgeous! Love it!

Terri, it also can't be white wool. Sheep and alpaca wool felt very well.
Hmm...I started out with 8oz skein and I think I have about 1/2 a skein left, so I'd say about 4oz.
too cute
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