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My first girly longies!!

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I am so excited to be knitting for a girl! I started these longies before we knew the baby's gender, but I just finished them up with ruffles so they are definitely girly! They are wonderpants xs size. I wanted to make them a little longer but I ran out of yarn. They should be the right length for a newborn. I can't wait!!!!

Now to dye up some pink and purple yarn
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I lurve those colors! Very girly with the ruffle!
OH I love them!
is the pattern w/ the ruffle? I really want to make dd a pair...

Ds said"ooooh" when he saw the pic

I have a stash of yarn, and recyled yarn from dd's soakers and I cannot wait to make girly longies(hopefully) for the next babe in a few years from now.
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Very sweet! I'm sure they'll look darling on your baby.
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So cute! That big ol' ruffle will be adorable on a tiny and sweet nb
It is a LOT of fun to knit for girls
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Ah, they're adorable.
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